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Larisa (Esmits) Smith, ’97, opens travel agency in WI

Larisa shares this information about her life’s journey:

“I got married in 2009, to my wonderful husband, Sam, while still living in Indianapolis. My son, Alex, was born in 2013.

After many years working as a dog groomer, I switched gears and got into the travel industry. After working for other agencies for the last 4 years, I made the leap and opened up my own travel agency.

Rivertown Travel is based in Hudson, WI where we have lived since 2015. We share our house with 2 cats and a Golden Retriever named Flash. ”

Larisa, congratulations and best wishes on your new venture!

Nichelle Leavell, ’95, owner of Experience, Strength & Hope

Nichelle Leavell, BCHS Class of 1995, owns Experience, Strength & Hope LLC, the only agency in Indianapolis that is dedicated solely to individual Recovery Consulting services.

She employs 10 clinical contractors focused on mental health and addictions work.

Personally, she is one of the only Black and women-owned DMHA certified Mental Health and Addictions Agencies in Indianapolis.

Nichelle and her sister Rochelle, Class of 1997, are proud to be second-generation Trojans.

She shares her accomplishment because it is something to be celebrated (after years of hard work towards ownership), and attributes this success, in part, to her education at Bishop Chatard. She also hopes that, if someone needed help, they may know where to come.

Due to the crisis in our country and lack of mental health and addictions services, this is a very important service to the community.

Jim Rawlinson, ’99, working hard to improve Indy

Jim Rawlinson, BCHS Class of 1999, shares this news with us:

Jim is on the economic development team for the Indy Chamber, working to bring businesses to Indianapolis and connecting existing businesses with the resources they need to grow here. He helps businesses and the city administration work together.

Recently he has been managing the Indy Music Strategy Project, examining the economic impact of music and the cultural ecosystem of Indianapolis to build a forward thinking policy and marketing strategy.

He lives with his wife Emily and two sons, James and Nathan, in Irvington and is a parishioner at Little Flower.

Class of 1998 20 Year Reunion

The Class of 1998 20 year reunion was held on September 29 at the Liter House. Thank you to all who attended.

Shelley (Jenkins) Shinabarger, ’94, returns to Indy

Shelley (Jenkins) Shinabarger writes that she was married on November 4, 2017 to Kipp Shinabarger at Christ the King Church.
Shelley returned to Indianapolis, teaching K-8 technology at Immaculate Heart of Mary School, after teaching for 10 years in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
Welcome home Shelley!

Amber Clarke, ’98, begins new role at U. of Indianapolis

Amber Clarke, BCHS Class of 1998, was recently named as the Health Professions Navigator for the University of Indianapolis. This student engagement position is brand new for UIndy, and provides academic and pre-professional support, programming, and mentoring/internship/development opportunities for UIndy students pursuing careers in the Health Professions.

Theresa Krier, ’99, Big T NYC founder

BCHS graduate, Theresa Krier, ’99,  discovered something and now it’s big! While working backstage managing a hair brand for the New York Fashion Week, she realized that models had few options at the snack table, except water and sodas.

That was the origin of Big T NYC, a company founded by Theresa that offers a line of organic and unblended healthy couture teas and tisanes.

Theresa was named one of the Entrepreneur Magazine’s 15 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2015.

Read all about her new endeavor at

1996 20-Yr Reunion Photos

The Class of 1996 held their 20-year reunion on Saturday, July 16, beginning with mass in the BCHS Chapel celebrated by classmate Fr. Zyg Mazanowski. A tour of the school followed and the reunion continued at the Cornerstone Coffee Shop at Moe and Johnny’s. The class especially remembered classmate Matthew Tyburski, with donations to install a brick paver in his memory near the football field entrance. (Click on a photo to view the slideshow).