Alumni Basketball League


The BCHS Alumni Basketball League play usually begins in January, and games are played on Sunday morning or early afternoon.

Do you want in on the 2025 league action? Please contact Commissioner Chris Tarpey,, for more information on forming a team. Registration cutoff is usually in mid December!

Congratulations to the 2023 A League team winner ‘2012 Team Traub’, with a 62-54 victory over 2016 Team Godlevske. Winning team members were Matt Hurrle, Nick Traub, Dan Buhler, Greg Gardner, Aaron Robison, Matt Hunt and Tyler Brazill.

A League Champion 2023

2023 A League Champions

Congratulations to 2023 B League team winner 2009 Team Commiskey, with a thrilling 73-70 win over 2006 Team Brodnik. Winning team members were Andrew Howard, John Brumleve, John Sahm, Nick Sahm, Pat Archey, Collin Smart, Ricky Rivelli, Chase Hofmeister, Steve Commiskey, Daniel Sahm and Nick Sahm.

team photo

2023 B League Champion

View the league’s website at for the latest schedules and a history of team winners!

If you are interested in playing in the league, either forming a team or joining a team, please contact Chris Tarpy at